Propagation with cuttings

The simplest way of increasing achimenes is by leaf cuttings. Sliver off one or more shoots and put them in a glass of water to root. This is best in a warm location, at temperatures upwards of 20 °c/68 °f. Roots can then show after about 10 to 14 days.


Like a lot of other Gesneriads, members of the genus Achimenes can increase with leaf cuttings. Just separate the desired number of leaves and stick them into the substrate. I have used normal flower compost. This must be well dampened during the first four weeks, thereafter just evenly moist.

In order to increase the air dampness, you can place a freezer bag over the top of the pot. You must, however air the plants once a day. The ideal location to root the leaf cutting is light, but not in direct sunlight, at temperatures from 20 °c/68 °f.

The roots form at the end of the leaf stems.